Doufx AR user account and payment agreement
I. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

You are welcome to come to Doufx AR. Please read the User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”). This agreement is for you and Xiamen Duo Xuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Doufx AR”). Hyun AR software and related services. Please understand that after you accept this agreement and register successfully, Doufx AR will provide you with a service platform for 3D video content creation (hereinafter referred to as “Doufx AR Platform”) through the AR AR software, and for the better If you provide services, you will be able to show off the AR software and related services or the needs of the operators and/or some of the services involved in the AR software. It may be sent to you by the affiliates of Doufx AR or the third-party companies approved by AR provide.

Before you start using the AR AR software and related services, please read and fully understand this agreement (you confirm that before you start to register for the AR software and services, you should have the legal requirements of the People's Republic of China. Your ability to act in accordance with civil conduct. If you do not have the aforementioned civil capacity to be appropriate to your conduct, you and your guardian shall bear all consequences as a result of the law.), in particular, exempt or limit liability The terms, licenses, and terms of use of the information, as well as separate agreements or terms for the opening or use of a service, may be noted in bold in bold. By registering successfully, you (the “User”) have read and fully accept all the contents of this Agreement. If you disagree with any of the terms of this Agreement, you may choose not to use the AR Software and related services.

Second, your rights

1. When you read and agree to this agreement and complete all registration procedures, you will receive a more dazzling AR platform account. The legal right holder of the registered account you have obtained has the right to keep the account and set and change the account password. You will not be asked to provide your account password at any time.

2. Dash AR respects and protects your account name rights. You have the right to set your flamboyant AR username (hereinafter referred to as “account name”). After your setup is complete, the sleek AR will technically prevent others from setting the same sleek AR username as you can to secure your account. The uniqueness of the name.

3. Doufx AR provides you with a platform for 3D video content creation. You can use the video recording, beautification, and editing functions provided by Doufx AR to create your work. The current state of the art of AR is able to provide you with 3D models, video recording, video beautification, video editing, and other services. AR is willing to provide you with the above services free of charge. Doufx AR will continuously improve and optimize the technology to provide you with more personalized services.

4. You can share your work created or legally authorized to more users. Doufx AR also supports you to share the above works to third-party platforms, except for third-party platforms that restrict or prohibit this.

5. Doufx AR respects and strives to maintain your legal rights such as portrait rights and reputation rights. If you use reasonable AR software and related services, if you have reasonable evidence that your legal rights, reputation rights and other legal rights have been violated, you can recover the infringer through judicial, administrative and other remedies, if you need Thanks to the company AR, the company will do its best to assist.

6. Doufx AR recognizes that maintaining your privacy plays an important role in your use of the AR service. Doufx AR strives to protect your information security. Doufx AR protects your personal information through encryption technology. At the same time, it also builds a special management system, strictly limits the scope of personnel accessing information, and establishes a special department for data security and security. Emergency response organizations and other means to ensure the security of information. You can find out more about AR's hidden and private security services by checking the Privacy Policy.

Third, intellectual property rights

1. Doufx AR is committed to creating a 3D video content creation platform for you. Doufx AR respects and encourages you to create content, recognizing the importance of encouraging and protecting intellectual property rights for the survival and development of Doufx AR. Protecting intellectual property rights as one of the important principles of operation; in order to better protect your legitimate rights and interests, you confirm and agree to authorize Doufx AR to be legal in the name of the AR itself or to entrust a professional third party to legally infringe on your upload and release. The rights of the works are defended.

2. The texts, pictures, videos, audios, and live performances that you publish/upload when using the AR® software and related services are your original or legally authorized content. When you use the AR software and related services. The intellectual property rights of any content uploaded or published are owned by you or the original copyright owner; based on the features of some of the service features, the content you upload through the sleek AR software (including but not limited to audio, sound, dialogue, and video/audio Audio, sound, dialogue, etc.) can be used by other sleek AR users to create and publish content using the sleek AR software. The works re-created by the user according to the aforementioned agreement can only be used on the dazzling AR platform or the third-party platform of the AR Dissemination, may not be used for any commercial purpose without the consent of Doufx AR.

3. You should be aware of and promise that the user's work you download using the download function in the Ryun AR software is for your personal study, research or appreciation. You may not use the work without the permission of the AR and/or the owner of the work. Any use other than the scope of use of this Agreement, otherwise you shall bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

4. You should ensure that you have legal rights or authorization for all content published and uploaded during the use of the Ryun AR software and related services. If a third party raises an objection to intellectual property rights, in order to protect the intellectual property rights of legal rights holders, Doufx AR has the right to delete relevant content according to the actual situation, and notify you as much as possible after processing, so that you can communicate with the right holder to solve related matters.

Fourth, service registration and use

1. Doufx AR specifically reminds you that you should take care of your account. Doufx AR has the responsibility to maintain account security with you. At the current state of the art, Doufx AR strives to protect the security of your account on the server side and continuously update technical measures. You may recover the infringer through judicial, administrative and other remedies because of your volition or loss and consequences caused by other people's attacks and fraud. If you need to do more AR assistance, Doufx AR will do its best to assist.

2. Since your account behavior (including but not limited to online signing of various agreements, posting information, purchasing goods and services and disclosure information, etc.) represents your own behavior, you should keep your account information and password and your account. The result of the act is responsible, so the more dazzling AR prompts you not to lend, give, rent, transfer, sell or otherwise license the account. If your account has been used without authorization, you should immediately notify the AR AR to avoid the loss and consequences of the expansion; if the AR AR judges that the use of your AR account may endanger your account security and / or more Hyun AR software information security, based on the maintenance of your property and information security considerations, you agree that the AR can suspend the provision of the corresponding services until you request recovery through a trusted method.

3. You should understand and promise that the sleek AR account information you set must not violate the laws and regulations of the country and the rules of the services provided by the AR. No illegal or bad information may appear in the registration information such as account name, flamboyant AR number, avatar, personal introduction and personal information, and you may not use the information that has legal rights (including but not limited to the name of others) without the consent of the legal owner. Names, trademarks, font sizes, portraits, avatars, etc. Others have legal rights to register. You can register for a dazzling AR account, and you must not register for a rare AR account through frequent registration or bulk registration.

4. According to relevant national laws and regulations, in order to use the AR AR software and related services, you need to fill in the real identity information and complete the real-name certification according to the law; you should ensure that the registration and real-name authentication are true, accurate, legal and effective. The identification materials and necessary information, when the information you use changes, you should apply to the AR AR for update in time to ensure that you can enjoy the services provided by Doufx AR.

5. In order to fully protect your legal rights, when the AR AR finds that your account is in an abnormal state (such as suspected hacking, 6 natural months or more, etc.), the sleek AR will take corresponding protection measures for the account as appropriate. (eg, suspend use, etc.) until you confirm that you are logged in again and use the account. Doufx AR will notify you by including but not limited to pop-ups, website announcements, in-site messages, client push information, etc. before cleaning such accounts.

6. You can contact the official customer service staff to cancel the account number through the contact information and information posted on the AR AR official website ( ). If you have any comments or suggestions on Doufx AR, you can also pass The above contact information is reported in the complaint.

7. Doufx AR may use commercial advertisements or any other type of commercial information (including but not limited to advertising on any page of the AR AR platform) in various ways during your service. You agree and accept To Doo AR to send you merchandise promotions or other relevant business information via email, private message or other means.

Five, paid services

1. Doufx AR reminds you that there may be various risks in purchasing virtual items from iOS in-app purchases or other third-party Android platforms. You may use your own or other non-darky AR to purchase virtual items to create your own or other items. When the interests of the three parties are damaged, it is not allowed to make any compensation or compensation for the AR AR. The AR AR reserves the right to freeze the balance of your account, suspend or terminate the recharge service and disable the account at any time.

2. You purchase virtual items through the payment means of the AR AR access (including but not limited to bank card recharge, third-party payment channels, etc.). When purchasing virtual items through iOS in-app payment, you need to pay a certain percentage to each le. Channel fee

3. When you make a purchase, you must carefully confirm your account number and information. If you enter your account incorrectly, improperly operated, do not understand, or do not fully understand the purchase method and other factors that cause the wrong type of purchase, etc., damage your rights and interests, Doufx AR does not make any compensation or compensation.

4. After purchasing the virtual item, you can request the invoice from the AR AR platform according to your needs. Please send the following information to: (If you have any questions, you can contact the AR through the feedback function in the AR platform.) the company):

1) You are more dazzling AR platform account;

2) Your purchase record (can be queried in the purchase record of the dazzling AR platform);

3) Your real name, contact information, and address to receive the invoice.

Please understand and know that if you need to request an invoice, you must submit the invoicing demand in the year of purchase, and give the AR AR company a reasonable time to process, requesting the issuance of the same amount of invoice, the latest purchase in November and December of that year. Apply for invoicing on December 31 of the following year. The postage or courier fee for invoicing is at your own risk.

5. If the purchase is inaccurate due to the recharge of the AR platform itself, in the case of recovery of the AR platform, storage of valid data and the provision of legal and valid documents, the AR AR platform will make the following changes according to your recharge status and Remedy:

1) Due to the failure of the system to purchase the system itself, the system purchase amount is greater than the actual purchase amount, and the multi-horizontal AR platform has the right to recover the difference.

6. Disclaimer

1. 1. You understand and agree that the “Multi-Radio AR” software and related services may be affected or interfered with by various factors, and the company does not guarantee (including but not limited to):

1) The company is fully suitable for the user's use requirements;

2) The company is not disturbed, timely, safe, reliable or error-free; any software, services or other materials obtained by the user through the company meet the expectations of the user;

3) Any errors in the software will be corrected.

2. For information on alleged loans or other property related to the network, account passwords, advertisements or promotion, users should be cautious and judge by themselves, for the reasons mentioned above, the profits, business reputation, data loss or other tangible or Intangible losses, the company does not assume any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive liability.

3. The user understands and agrees that in the process of using the “Doah AR” software and related services, factors such as force majeure may be encountered (force majeure refers to objective events that cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome and cannot be avoided), including but not limited to government actions. , natural disasters, network causes, hacking, war or any other similar incident. In the event of force majeure, the company will try to repair it in time, but the user will not be liable for the loss caused by force majeure.

4. The company obtains the right to deal with illegal and illegal content in accordance with this agreement. This right does not constitute the company's obligations or commitments. The company cannot guarantee the timely detection of illegal activities or corresponding treatment.

5. The User expressly understands and agrees that the Company does not provide any kind of express or implied warranties or conditions, including but not limited to commercial merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, etc., for the purposes of this Agreement. Your use of the Software and related services of this Agreement is at your own risk.

6. The user clearly understands and agrees that this agreement is to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations, safeguard public order and protect the legitimate rights and interests of others, and the company tries its best to judge according to relevant laws and regulations within the scope of its capabilities, but does not guarantee that the company's judgment is completely The judgments of the judicial organs and administrative organs are consistent, and the consequences have been understood and agreed to be borne by the users.

Seven, compensation

You (and any third party acting or acting on our products or services) agree to be caused by or associated with (including due to your direct activity on our products or services or Any claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and accountants' fees) on behalf of the activities you take, you will compensate the parties to the company and protect the parties from the relevant damage:

1. Your personal content or your access to or use of our products or services;

2. You violate or allegedly violate this User Agreement;

3. You infringe any third party rights (including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, publicity rights, confidentiality rights, property rights or privacy rights);

4. You violate any laws, regulations, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances or orders of any government agency or quasi-government agency (including but not limited to various regulatory, administrative, and legislative bodies);

5. Any false statements about you. In the defense of the claim, you will cooperate fully as required by the company. The company has the right to assume exclusive defense and control duties for any matter and asks you to pay compensation. Under no circumstances should you resolve any claims without the prior written permission of the company.

Eight, force majeure and exception

1. Due to the particularity of network services (including but not limited to server stability issues, malicious network attacks and other behaviors and other situations that can't be controlled by the sleek AR), the services provided by the sleek AR may be interrupted or not. In case of timely transmission of information or other circumstances that cannot meet your requirements, please understand and understand that the situation will not be considered as a dazzling AR violation of this agreement; however, the AR will be able to pass the webpage announcement, system notification, private letter, as soon as possible. SMS alerts or other reasonable means to notify you and do your best to avoid or mitigate the impact you may be affected.

2. Doufx AR controls and provides services through the facilities in the People's Republic of China. Doufx AR cannot guarantee your use behavior, is appropriate and feasible in other countries or regions, when you use the dazzling AR software in other jurisdictions. And related services, you should ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations, and do not take any responsibility for this.

Nine, other

1. In order to better serve you, Doufx AR may revise this agreement from time to time, and the revised agreement will inform you by publicity. If you do not accept the modified content, you can stop using the AR AR software and related services, and you can contact the Hyun AR to complete the account logout operation by publicity. If you continue to use it, you are deemed to have accepted the revised agreement.

2. The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China; if there is no relevant provision in the law, reference shall be made to commercial practices and/or industry practices.

3. You and Doufx AR agree that the disputes arising out of this Agreement and the services provided by Doufx AR will be resolved through friendly negotiation. You can also file a lawsuit in the People's Court of Jurisdiction with Dormitory AR Residence.