About user registration and use of APP privacy agreement
Hereby remind you (user) before registering as a user, please read this user registration and use the APP Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this agreement. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this agreement. You are not authorized to register, log in or use the services covered by this Agreement unless you accept all the terms of this Agreement. Your registration, login, use, etc. will be deemed acceptance of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

This agreement stipulates that Xiamen Duo Xuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the users about the Doufx AR (hereinafter referred to as the APP) software (currently only registered and used in the IOS system) services (hereinafter referred to as "services") Rights and obligations. “User” means the person who registered, logged in, or used the APP service or related users. This agreement can be updated by the APP software system and the company is updated at any time. The updated agreement terms will be replaced by the original agreement terms without prior notice. Users can check the latest version of the agreement in this app and also invite users. Keep an eye on the update of this APP User Agreement to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes. After modifying the terms of the agreement, if the user does not accept the revised terms, please stop using the services provided by this app immediately, and the user's continued use of the services provided by this app will be deemed to accept the revised agreement.

First, the basic requirements for user account registration

1. Users need to register a personal account before using this service. The account number should be registered using the mobile phone number binding. Please use the mobile phone number that has not been bound to this account, and the mobile phone number that has not been banned by the company according to this agreement. The company can change the way the account is registered and bound according to user needs or product needs without prior notice to the user.

2. In view of the use characteristics of this APP product, users should be authorized to open and use their personal information when registering to successfully register their account. Therefore, when the user completes the registration, the user agrees to the APP and the company to extract, disclose and use the user's information.

3. In view of the binding registration method of this APP account, you agree to allow your mobile phone number and mobile phone device identification code to be used for registration when registering.

4. When users register and use the APP service, they need to collect personal information that can identify the user so that the company can contact the user when necessary or provide a better user experience. The collected information includes, but is not limited to, the user's name, address, mobile phone number, email address and other basic information, and the user agrees that the use of such information will be subject to the second user's personal privacy information protection.

Second, the user's personal privacy information protection

1. Users who have been banned due to violation of the User Agreement may contact the APP or the company in a public manner. Among them, the user who is blocked by the function will automatically resume the banned function after the expiration of the ban period. The banned user may submit an appeal, and the APP or the company will review the appeal and make a reasonable judgment on whether to decide whether to change the penalty.

2. The User understands and agrees that the back office of the APP and the Company have the right to impose penalties on violations of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement in accordance with reasonable judgment, and take appropriate legal actions against any users who violate the law and regulations, and keep relevant in accordance with laws and regulations. The information shall be reported to the relevant department, etc., and the user shall bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

3. The User understands and agrees that any claims, claims or losses claimed by any third party arising out of or arising out of the User's breach of this Agreement, including reasonable attorneys' fees, shall be paid by the User to the Company, the Cooperating Company, the Affiliate Company and other related parties. Reparate and protect it from damage.

4. User experience improvements, we may collect MD5 algorithm and encrypted International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and network device address (MAC), advertising identifier IDFA, system version number, device model, system number, system ID number , operating system version number, screen resolution, Internet mode, version number information of this product, click time and frequency of a button, some key configuration option values, software crash log, etc., used to count the number of our products Improve product quality by analyzing product usage, version upgrade judgments, troubleshooting crashes, and reducing crashes. This information does not involve personal information such as your personal identity.

3. How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information?

1. Sharing and disclosure

Dodge AR will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual other than Rush AR, except in the following cases:

1) Share with the express consent or authorization of you (and your guardian) or your choice.

2) Sharing under legal circumstances. We may share your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, litigation dispute resolution needs, or in accordance with the requirements of the administrative and judicial authorities. For example, if we determine that you have violated laws and regulations or seriously violated the rules of the AR-related agreement, or to protect the personal and property safety of the AR and its affiliates or the public, we may be related to laws and regulations or platforms. The agreement rules disclose personal information about you, including related violations and actions that have been taken against you by the sleek AR platform. For example, if you or the account you use is shooting illegal videos, violating videos, seriously violating our platform rules, breaking laws and regulations, and/or violating public order, causing major social impacts, causing reputational damage to our platform, we may disclose it publicly. Your information and penalties.

3) Share your personal information with the affiliates of Doufx AR. In such cases, we will only share the necessary personal information and will be bound by the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If our affiliates want to change the purpose of processing personal information, we will ask for your authorization again.

4) Sharing with suppliers, service providers and other partners. We send information to software service providers, smart device providers, system service providers and other partners (such as hardware vendors, telecom operators, payment service providers, etc.) that support our business, including support for technical infrastructure services, Analyze how our services are used, provide customer service, pay for convenience, or conduct academic research and surveys. We will sign a strict data protection agreement with the shared object and ask them to process personal information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures. If we share your personal sensitive information or authorize a partner to change the use and processing of personal information, you will be asked for your consent again.

5) Assist in handling disputes. For example, if a video content you shoot on a sleek AR platform is accused of intellectual property infringement or content violations, such as a request for information disclosure by a competent complainant, judicial body or administrative law enforcement agency, we will refer to the above-mentioned institution as appropriate. Or the individual provides the necessary information such as the contact information of the user being complained to facilitate the resolution of the dispute. Our platform assumes corresponding legal liabilities only when the law clearly stipulates.

6) Third party software or technology. In order for you to use our products normally, we may use third party software or technology that may collect your device information (software and hardware characteristics of unique device identifiers). Any dispute arising from third-party software or technology used by this product shall be resolved by the third party. If you need support, please contact a third party.

2. Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual except in the following cases:

1) Transfer with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, we will transfer your personal information to other parties;

2) In the event of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation in the Dao AR platform, or other circumstances involving mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation, if any personal information transfer is involved, we will request new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue. Subject to this policy, we will require the company, organization and individual to re-submit your authorization consent.

3. Public disclosure

We will only publicly disclose your personal information if we comply with industry-standard security precautions under the following circumstances:

1) Disclose the personal information you specify in accordance with your needs and disclosure methods that you expressly agree to;

2) In the case that your personal information must be provided in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, mandatory administrative enforcement or judicial requirements, we may publicly disclose your personal information in accordance with the type of personal information required and the method of disclosure. Subject to laws and regulations, when we receive the above request for disclosure, we will require a legal document, such as a subpoena or investigation letter, to be issued. We firmly believe that the information required to be provided by us should be as transparent as possible to the extent permitted by law. All requests are carefully reviewed to ensure they are legally based and are limited to data that law enforcement has legally acquired for specific investigation purposes.

4. Exceptions to prior authorization of consent to share, transfer, and disclose personal information

According to the relevant laws and regulations, sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing your personal information does not require your prior authorization in the following situations:

1) directly related to national security and national defense security;

2) directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

3) related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

4) It is difficult to obtain the consent of the person who defends the personal information of the personal information subject or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person;

5) The personal information collected is disclosed by the subject of personal information to the public;

6) The circumstances as stipulated by other laws and regulations.

According to the law, the sharing, transfer of personal information that has been de-identified, and ensuring that the data recipient cannot recover and re-identify the subject of personal information, does not belong to the external sharing, transfer and public disclosure of personal information, such data Save and process will not require additional notice and your consent.

Fourth, the user uses the content specification

1. The user-used content described in this section refers to any content created, uploaded, copied, published, and distributed by the user during the process of using the APP, including but not limited to registration information and authentication materials such as account avatar, name, user description, or Text (including WordArt), symbols, logos, voices, pictures, (custom) photos, videos (including short videos created or uploaded by users), graphics, models, images, and their combined content, etc. Send, reply or auto respond to messages and related link pages, as well as other content generated using this account or this app service.

2. Users may not use this account or this APP service to create, upload, copy, publish or disseminate content prohibited by the following laws, regulations and policies:

(1) Violation of the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) Endangering national security, revealing state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

(3) Damage to national honours and interests;

(4) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;

(5) Destroying the national religious policy and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order and undermining social stability;

(7) Inducing minors to commit crimes and spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment;

(8) insulting or slandering others and infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

(9) endangering social morality and damaging the fine cultural traditions of the nation;

(10) illegal video content provided by illegal radio and television channels and audiovisual program websites;

(11) Other relevant content prohibited by laws, administrative regulations and state regulations.

3. Users may not use this account or this APP service to create, copy and disseminate the following content that interferes with the normal operation of this APP and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties:

(1) contains any sexual or sexual cues;

(2) Containing content that is insulting, intimidating, or threatening;

(3) Containing harassment, junk advertisements, malicious information, and scam information;

(4) involving the privacy, personal information or information of others;

(5) Infringement of the legal rights of other people's reputation rights, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.;

(6) Contains other information that interferes with the normal operation of the APP service and infringes the content of the legitimate rights of other users or third parties.

4. Users may not copy, copy, sell, resell, or use for any other commercial purpose of any part of the Service or the use or acquisition of the Service.

5. Users are responsible for their own actions in the use of this APP service. The form of legal liability of the user includes, but is not limited to, compensation for the victim, and the user shall give the company the same amount of compensation after the company first assumes the legal responsibility for the administrative penalty or tort damage caused by its user behavior. And other losses suffered by the company as a result.

Five, the user uses the APP rules

1. Any content shared by users during the use of this APP service or through this APP is not reflected or represented, nor shall it be deemed to reflect or represent the views, positions or policies of the company to which the APP belongs (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The company does not assume any responsibility for this.

2. Users may not use this account or this APP service to perform the following actions:

(1) embezzling another person's avatar or information, impersonating or using the name of another person;

(2) Fictional facts, concealing the truth to mislead or deceive others;

(3) Using a technical means to establish a fake account in batches;

(4) Use this account or this APP service to engage in any illegal or criminal activities;

(5) Produce, share, or operate or disseminate methods, tools, or practices related to the above actions, whether or not they are for commercial purposes;

(6) Other violations of laws and regulations, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of other users, interference with the normal operation of this APP and its affiliated companies or the unauthorized authorization of this APP.

3. The user shall be solely responsible for the authenticity, legality, harmlessness, accuracy and validity of the information transmitted by this account or the APP service, and any legal responsibility related to the information transmitted by the user shall be borne by the user. Not related to this APP and the company. If damage is caused to this APP and the Company or any third party, the user shall compensate the law according to law, and the company will retain all legal and economic responsibilities for the relevant users and users.

4. The APP service provided by the company may include advertisements, and the user agrees to display advertisements provided by the company and third-party suppliers and partners during the use. Except as expressly provided by laws and regulations, the user shall be responsible for the transactions carried out according to the advertising information, and the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the user due to the transaction according to the advertising information or the content provided by the aforementioned advertiser. .

6. Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Rights Protection Statement

1. This app uploads and uses the function to provide services for users who create or enjoy works of their own legal origin. This APP and the company respect the intellectual property rights and legal rights of others. Please ensure that you have the copyright and information network transmission rights of the uploaded content or have obtained the permission of all the above rights holders before uploading the relevant content.

2. For the user to upload to this app and use this APP service, the user agrees that the APP and the company have free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive and full re-licensing rights worldwide. And license to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, perform and display such content (in whole or in part), and/or incorporate such content into currently known or Any other form of work, media or technology developed in the future.

3. The user should ensure that the relevant content uploaded has been approved by the photographer (if any) and that the content of the work does not infringe on the personal rights of others, including but not limited to reputation rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, name rights, and non-existence. Any copyright dispute.

VII, service risk statement

1. The user fully understands and agrees that this APP service involves services such as the Internet and mobile communications, which may be affected by unstable factors in various links. Therefore, the service has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet the requirements of the user due to the above-mentioned force majeure, computer virus or hacker attack, system instability, user location, user shutdown, GSM network, internet, communication line reasons. Users who use this service are subject to the above risks. The company does not guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of the service. As a result, users cannot send and receive messages, or transmit errors. The time limit for personal settings is not stored or Other issues do not assume any responsibility. This APP and the Company will not be liable for any loss or loss of user data caused by force majeure or non-APP and the company's fault.

2. For the system failure to affect the normal operation of the APP service, the company promises to deal with it in time and repair as much as possible. However, the company does not assume any responsibility for the economic and mental losses caused by the user. In addition, this app reserves the right to suspend any or all of this APP service for optimization, upgrade or other purposes without prior notice.

3. This app and the company solemnly draw your attention to the fact that any relevant content uploaded via this APP service is the responsibility of the account owner. The company cannot control the content uploaded via this APP service, nor can it fully control the user's usage behavior, so the legality, correctness, completeness, authenticity or quality of the content is not guaranteed; you have predicted that when using this APP service , may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate or disgusting content, and agree to judge and bear all risks on its own, without relying on this APP and the company. However, under any circumstance, this APP and the Company have the right to stop transmitting any of the foregoing contents and take corresponding actions according to law, including but not limited to suspending all or part of the functions of the users using the APP service, keeping relevant records and reporting to relevant authorities. The background of the APP and the Company have the right (but not the obligation) to refuse and remove any content that may be provided by the APP Service in violation of these Terms or any other objectionable to the APP or other users.

4. The User fully understands and agrees that if the third party uploads your work to the App without your knowledge or consent, and any actions that may infringe your rights, this APP and The company does not assume any responsibility to anyone.

5. The User fully understands and agrees that the third party may access the relevant information on this APP and may use the information. The use of the User or any third party in any way may infringe on your rights and interests, and neither APP nor the Company shall be liable to any person.

6. The User fully understands and agrees that the Company and this APP are determined to be zero-tolerant in any disputed content arising from the discovery of the User's use of the App or the User's own, and promise to be treated seriously, including but not It is limited to deleting the content posted by the user, blocking or canceling the user's personal account, and providing the relevant department with their account and personal information. In this regard, the Company and this APP have the right to independently identify relevant disputes and disputed users. Once the user uses this APP, it is deemed to be unconditionally accepting the terms and conditions of this clause.

Eight, other tips

1. The Company solemnly reminds users to pay attention to the terms of this agreement exempting this APP and the company's responsibilities and restricting user rights. Please read carefully and consider and identify the risks. Minors should read this agreement and use the APP service accompanied by a legal guardian.

2. The validity, interpretation and settlement of disputes of this Agreement shall apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is any dispute or dispute between the user and the APP and the company, it should first be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the user agrees to submit the dispute or dispute to the people's court with jurisdiction over the company's domicile. The company has the right to initiate necessary criminal and civil legal procedures, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, and investigate the legal liability of illegal users.

3. Nothing in this Agreement shall be valid for any reason, or for any reason, and shall be binding on the parties.

4. The APP Software and the Company's failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Service Agreement does not constitute a waiver of the foregoing rights or other rights.

5. Matters not covered in this Agreement shall be subject to the subsequent operation of the APP and the subsequent irregular update or supplement of the relevant contents of this Agreement. The updated and supplemental terms are inseparable from this Agreement.

6. The final interpretation of the terms of this agreement is owned by the company.

IX. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy applies only to all services provided by Xiamen Duo Xuan Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliates, including the AR AR client, website, etc. It does not apply to a separate privacy policy and is not included in this privacy right. Third-party products or services that protect the policy.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to links to other third-party products or services in the AR Services, and your use of such third-party services (including any personal information you provide to such third parties) will be subject to the terms of service of those third parties. And the privacy protection policy (not this privacy protection policy), please read the terms of the third party carefully. Please protect your personal information and provide it to third parties only when necessary.

Ten, how to contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us through the contact information posted on the AR official website ( ).

If you are dissatisfied with our response, especially if you believe that our personal information handling actions have harmed your legal rights, you can also sue the courts that have jurisdiction over the defendant’s domicile.